Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WBC優勝で日本の国旗風にライトアップされたエンパイアステートを撮ってきま した

When I was heading to my apartment, the empire state building was illuminated by white and red.

普段のライトアップは白色、バレンタインの時は赤白、St.Patrick's Dayの時は緑と白だったので「今日は何かあったのかな?」と考えながら帰宅。
Usually It's illuminated by white only, was illuminated similar at St. Valentine's day, and by Green and White at St. Patrick's day. So I was wondering what was special for today. 

After I returned to my aprtment, I found out it was illuminated this way because Japan won WBC, World Baseball Classics! So for celebrating it, I sneaked out my room to take couple shots.



 おめでとう!Congratulations! Japan!

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